Child Support

Albuquerque Child Support Attorney

Parents in New Mexico have the ability to reach agreement on child support on their own or they can have it decided by the court. The best circumstance would be for each parent’s obligations to be fairly based on their financial situation and have all the child’s needs covered. A New Mexico child support attorney can provide you with guidance as to how child support is determined.

New Mexico provides guidelines for how child support is determined based on the type of custody situation. The amount contributed by each parent is established to maintain a child’s standard of living. Child support covers educational expenses, medical and dental services, food, recreational activity expenses, and other costs such as travel. Factors used to determine the amount of child support include: each parent’s gross income, the number of children, the cost of health insurance, and the amount of time the children spend with each parent.


If you do not receive child support payments or you receive inconsistent payments, there are actions that can be taken to assist you. If a child support order/agreement has been violated, the New Mexico Child Support Enforcement Division can initiate proceedings to garnish wages, revoke professional licenses and/or drivers license, place liens on assets, or garnish tax refunds.

If you have any questions regarding your rights or your child’s rights, one one of our Albuquerque family law attorneys would be happy to speak with you.