Albuquerque Divorce Attorney, Keith Findlay, Esq.

Your New Mexico family law advocate!

As Albuquerque attorneys focused in family law we handle all matters relating to divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, domestic violence, property division, separation and prenuptial agreements. We handle all aspects of divorce and family law from simple uncontested separations to high conflict and high net worth divorce cases involving extensive and complex child custody issues. We also are equipped to provide mediation for family law issues and prenuptial agreements.

Our Family Law Philosophy

New Mexico Family LawyerAs family law attorneys in Albuquerque we strive to provide the best possible representation to our clients. Our promise to our clients is to always put their needs first. Our philosophy is to resolve your case with as little cost as possible to you, both emotionally and financially. We accomplish this through the use of negotiation, mediation and settlement conferences before resorting  to courts and less predictable judges.

New Mexico Family Law

Albuquerque divorce lawyerWe understand that when you hire a family law practitioner, you are putting your family’s well being in our hands, and it is our primary job to provide you with peace of mind by working towards the best possible solution for you and your family. However, we also understand that not all cases can be resolved without litigation. When litigation is necessary, we  zealously advocate and fight for our clients' rights.

Albuquerque Divorce Attorney

Albuquerque Divorce LawyerAlthough, we would prefer to settle your case with the least amount of conflict possible, we take great pride in our trial skills. Your trust is of paramount importance to our firm, and we will never take that for granted. We are devoted to helping you through your divorce or separation, and minimizing your stress in this difficult time.