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Consider the following topics when meeting a potential divorce lawyer to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck a…

In a collaborative divorce, you can get the help of professionals—attorneys, divorce coaches and therapists, to divide property and manage emotional stress.

Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton Remember when you were all blissed out, and your was heart throbbing in your chest with excitement as you said “I do” on your …

2017-07-13  · hiring divorce attorney to handle a divorce is a very important decision. When making the decision keep these five tips in mind. They are imperative!

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Filing for divorce may be common, but it is also a complicated legal procedure requiring the advice and representation of a family law attorney experienced with the …

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Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, … In some jurisdictions one spouse may be forced to pay the attorney’s fees of another spouse.

Hiring a divorce attorney to handle your divorce is a very important decision. If you are leaving a long-term marriage with children, assets and debts to be divided, who represents you during your divorce can determine how well you fair emotionally and financially post divorce.

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Alimony Tax Jan 29, 2019 … Before the new Tax Cuts and jobs act (tcja), payments that met the tax-law definition of alimony could always be deducted by the payer for … Divorce Lawyers The outcome of a divorce often pivots on the efficiency and experience of the attorneys handling the divorce proceedings. We are well aware of